High Adventure

Our Crew’s high adventure back in August ended in a great success and was a ton of fun. One of our crew members Kim created a video to help captivate all the fun we had as a crew and all the cool things we did. Open the link to view the video. If you have any troubles text your presidency member and they can get to me about resolving the issue. Hope you all enjoy it!


Court of Honor

Our Crew’s court of honor is going to be on Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 9 am. It will be at our normal building where we meet for activities. Please wear your class A uniforms. For refreshments each family is to bring a dessert to share. If you are coming please text your presidency member who sends you the reminders so that you are coming. Hope to see you all there!


We have some awesome activities planned for the rest of there year. Provided below is the information needed for some of the upcoming activities. All activities will be meeting at 9 am unless stated otherwise.

Sep 22nd: Mini golf

This activity will be at Toads. We will be meeting at 9am at our new building which is posted on our home page. There is a cost of $6. Bring that money with you. As a reminder make sure that you bring you venturing books so that we can check off advancement. This is required if you plan to advance this year at our court of honor.

Oct 13th: Corn maze

For this activity meet at our building which is posted on the home page. We will then be going to Black Island Farms. The cost is $11. Make sure you bring your money. Also, it is mandatory to bring your venturing books for advancement.

Oct 27th: Elections

We will be electing our new presidency for 2019. More information will be posted including the application for joining the presidency.

Nov 10th: Court of Honor

More information will be posted soon.

Dec 8th: Hallowgivingmas

This fun activity is where we wear Halloween costumes, eat a thanksgiving feast, and have a gift exchange. More details will be posted soon.

Extra Information:

If you have a rank advancement talk to our Vice President Alex who can help you with that. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR BOOKS TO ACTIVITIES!