For our next activity on Dec 8th at 9am we are having our tradition of Hallowgivingmas. It is where you wear a Halloween costume, have a Thanksgiving feast, and a gift exchange. For the gift exchange this year we are having everyone fill a pair of fun, new socks with your favorite candy to be exchanged at the activity. The limit in cost is $5 in total for the socks and candy. Also for assignments is food as follows

Mosher Family: Juice and Hot Chocolate

LeBaron Family: Mashed Potatoes and Butter

Miller Family: Rolls and Paper Products

Rimington Family: Sweet Potatoes and Pie

Erin Moore: Turkey and Gravy

Ryland Mills: Corn, Green Beans, and Pie

Ian Jensen: Cranberry Sauce and Pie

If you recieved an assignment please make sure you bring it to the activity. For food assignments that need to be kept warm you need to bring it in a crockpot or another way to keep it warm because we will be eating closer to 11. If you can’t talk to Audrey LeBaron. Also, please RSPV if you will be able to make it to the activity or not.

We have a lot of fun activities and fun planned. We hope to see you all there!!!

High Adventure

Our Crew’s high adventure back in August ended in a great success and was a ton of fun. One of our crew members Kim created a video to help captivate all the fun we had as a crew and all the cool things we did. Open the link to view the video. If you have any troubles text your presidency member and they can get to me about resolving the issue. Hope you all enjoy it!


Court of Honor

Our Crew’s court of honor is going to be on Saturday November 10th, 2018 at 9 am. It will be at our normal building where we meet for activities. Please wear your class A uniforms. For refreshments each family is to bring a dessert to share. If you are coming please text your presidency member who sends you the reminders so that you are coming. Hope to see you all there!